Pop-up Church

From the feedback I have received and the good feeling I had myself yesterday afternoon, it seems that pop-up church was a great success. Rhian Smith shares her thoughts about it:

I LOVED pop-up church, it felt normal in amongst all the abnormal that these times are.  The shouts of ‘don’t stand in the dog poo’ and the familiar faces, although many unseen since Christmas.

I struggled in April and May to describe the unsettled feeling I had, until I happened upon the phrase that life felt monochrome.  I had a good wage coming in, I had work to do, I had food in my fridge.  But life was monochrome, I was existing at the lower levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs!   I missed colour, the colour of the company of others whether that be in church, at the theatre or meals out, or even of my close family.

Pop-up church was colour, the colours of creation in the park, the colours of welly boots and jumpers.  But also the colour of human interaction done safely, intergenerational fun, chats, stick fights and a simple piece of art we left behind in the park for others to see and share. 

We are reminded in nature programmes that we need to learn to share the resources of nature better if we are to avoid damaging it irreparably.  So we shared yesterday, we picked up things that had been left behind such as leaves fallen from the tree, or a feather.  And I was given a conker by a little boy who was in the park with his mum and sister.  He saw me looking for conkers and he asked if I would like one as he ‘had more than he needed’.  Yesterday in the park was a gift from God to us all, a gift of community and normality in amongst the beauty of His creation.

Some people took photos too. Here are a few.

“Found these two of nature’s treasures in the park today. Lesley”
Our creativity on display
A beautifully socially-distanced gathering

4 thoughts on “Pop-up Church

  1. Thanks Rhian for such a lovely post.
    Bev it was great, and so inclusive. Good time of day for teenagers too. Looking forward to the next one!
    Sue, Ruby and Noah xx


  2. Many thanks to everyone who helped to arrange this.
    Having made the decision to avoid indoor occasions for the moment, it was good to catch up with so many of you in the sunny outdoors for pop-up church.
    And good to be reminded of the glory of God’s paintbox and his varied designs in nature during this season of autumn.


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