Lent Study Series

The Methodist Church’s Wales Learning Network has produced a lovely booklet on Pilgrimage in Wales, walking with the Saints. I will be using this as the basis of our Lent study series. The bilingual booklet can be found in the attached PDF (see below). Printed copies are also available from me and from your discipleship group leader.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Some groups may decide to meet (via zoom) to discuss amongst themselves. But I am also planning to use the Wednesday meditation slots to do the study series (as I have done in previous Lent seasons). The start time will be 10.30am and last up to 3/4 hour. I am choosing this time so we can have a cup of tea/coffee together while we discuss, and the format will be much more like a coffee morning chat than an in-depth study. Each will start with me (or another willing person) reading from the booklet then we will simply talk about what we have heard/read and take a look at the three discussion starter questions provided (all of which are about things from our personal experience).

We will start next Wednesday, 17th February at 10.30am with the booklet’s introduction and a conversation about pilgrimage which, as many of you will remember, is a “hot topic” of mine, having undertaken three pilgrimages during my sabbatical in 2015/16.

Please email me or send me a comment via the blog if you wish to receive the zoom invitation for these sessions. At the same time, let me know if you would like a printed copy of the booklet (which I recommend having).

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