God of every new beginning

Our Easter theme has been “new beginnings.” Rev Janet Park, our Superintendent minister, has passed this new hymn on to me. It is on exactly this theme. Perhaps you would like to refect on it or even sing it (after all, it is a tune we know well).

Tune: Calan Lan

God of every new beginning
fashioned out of pain and loss:
show us how our Easter vision
springs from Friday’s bitter cross.
If our lives are moving forward
to new tasks as yet unknown,
or are stayed: as you have called us.
we are yours. and not our own.

God of every change and ending,
with us till our journey’s through.
help us find the transformation
that will build our lives anew.
In the sharing of compassion,
in our own and others’ pain,
be the Comforter beside us
making torn lives whole again.

God of Easter’s celebration,
God of life from death restored,
God who gives us resurrection
through your Christ, our living Lord:
as we find again his presence,
now unbound from time and space,
God of Life, inspire our living,
yours the time, and yours the place.

Copyright@ Tony Law 2020, 2021. May be freely used in worship

One thought on “God of every new beginning

  1. Wonderful words, so apt and inspiring! Let’s use this version soon, when possible. Don’t you love it when a creative and God focused mind uses a well known tune, set to new words, and thereby follows the age old tradition of hymn writing in Methodism. Great stuff!!!


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