Wednesday Meditation

This week’s meditation has been prepared for us by Arline Griffiths of St John’s, Llandudno. Thank you. Arline. One day at the end of September, as I went out into the garden, I was faced with the sight of a huge daddy-longlegs, a magnificent specimen but, for me, significant because it was the first of … Continue reading Wednesday Meditation

Here we go again…

So, we are in full lockdown again as of 6pm this Friday until the morning of Monday 9th November. Ah well, we are better prepared this time compared to last because we have learnt a lot since then. St John’s, Llandudno, Open Church (for private prayer), will be available this Friday from 10am – 12noon … Continue reading Here we go again…

Experiences of compline

Rhian Smith of St John’s shares her experience of lockdown compline with us. Thank you, Rhian, for these insights. When lockdown happened at the end of March a friend suggested we gather on Zoom on a Sunday evening and say compline prayers.  So we have done this most Sunday evenings since, at 9pm for around … Continue reading Experiences of compline

Sunday Worship

This Sunday’s worship at St David’s, Craig y Don (10am) and St John’s, Llandudno (11am) is led by me, Rev Bev. We will be sharing in Holy Communion together for the first time since lockdown back in March. It will be a joy to share in the familiar words we have not said together for … Continue reading Sunday Worship

Coronvirus Blues

Chris Cooper has created another song for our times. Here’s what he has to sayy about it. This song was inspired by Psalm 13, a lament which perfectly fits our current situation. As Christians do we feel guilty about lamenting? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if God waved a magic wand to banish covid-19 ? Or … Continue reading Coronvirus Blues

Wednesday Meditation

Today’s meditation is from Jack Waddington of St David’s. Thank you, Jack. Jamie Andrew liked to climb mountains so, along with his girlfriend, his best friend (also called Jamie) and a few other friends, they decided to go to Chamonmix in the French Alps for a week, for a mixture of socialising, skiing and climbing. … Continue reading Wednesday Meditation


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